Baltimore IT SupportHunt Valley, Maryland (June 19, 2013)The Hunt Valley Business Forum was formed in 1996 to represent businesses and professionals in the North Baltimore Area.  Their common interests include human resources, employee safety, facilities management, and small business management.

On Wednesday, June 19th, Keith Marchiano, Vice President of Sales for Tier One Technology Partners, presented to The Forum at the Hilton Embassy Suites in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Marchiano discussed three main topics regarding IT solutions that every business, small or large, should implement:

  • Back-Up Services, Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity
  • IT Support and Consulting Services for Business Growth
  • Business Security for Protection Against Internal and External Threats

Back-Up Services, Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity

Regardless of the type or size of a business, it’s important to be prepared for a disaster. While disasters may be unpredictable, there are steps that can be taken before they occur to minimize the threat of damage.

By implementing a data backup and recovery plan businesses can protect against loss of user data, hardware failures, database corruption, and natural disasters. With a solid backup and recovery plan, businesses can recover their data at any time.

However, a backup solution alone won’t be enough to fully protect a business. Marchiano told the group:

“Any business, no matter if you have 10 or 1,000 employees, cannot be down for two-plus days from a power outage or weeks due to server failure. The days of just having a backup solution are like the days of playing cassette tapes—they’re over! Businesses need access and the ability for their employees to be productive as soon as possible.”

Many companies create a business continuity plan following a disaster. But first, a business must identify the critical assets in their technology infrastructure and corporate data. Then they need to figure out how to protect them and minimize downtime. 

IT Support and Consulting Services for Business Growth

When looking for an IT person, businesses typically want someone who will support their corporate goals and provide them advice on how to grow their business. Essentially, they want an IT partner who cares about their business success as much as they do.

Marchiano went on to tell The Forum members:

“Business owners and executives need more than just an IT person to ‘put out the fire’ when IT issues arise.  They need a proactive approach for support, and a company who will provide them a technology roadmap to meet their corporate goals. So, whether you outsource IT, or have an internal IT person or team, you need an IT partner to provide IT recommendations to drive the growth of your business.”

Business Security For Protection Against Internal and External Threats

Both internal and external security threats to IT systems are a major concern for organizations and businesses today. IT infrastructures have become increasingly vulnerable to potential attacks, both intentional and accidental. Lack of security can greatly undermine the stability of IT systems, which can result in negative consequences.

Marchiano explained:

“Both internal and external threats are real in today’s business climate. Companies need a security plan to protect them from all threats that could risk their business and their internal preventive controls.”   

Keith Marchiano and Tier One Technology

Keith Marchiano is Vice President of Sales for Tier One Technology in Hunt Valley and Frederick, Maryland.  Tier One provides Outsourced Business IT Services that help companies, agencies and organizations achieve higher levels of success. Their Strategic Outsourced IT Services and Network IT Support offers the advantages of technology without the hassle of dealing with tedious management and maintenance. Tier One’s monitoring and maintenance of IT systems provides Stress-Free Network IT Support for businesses in the Baltimore, Maryland—Washington DC, Metro Areas.

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