Bay BankHunt Valley, MD (June 2013)– A solid and reliable IT foundation wasn’t part of the daily routine for Laura Jenkins.  For many years, Ms. Jenkins was the sounding board for all the technology challenges that plagued Bay Bank.

Ms. Jenkins wore many hats and was responsible for facilities and technology for the entire bank.  When technology failures hit an unbearable level, she knew an immediate change in IT providers needed to happen.

“Issues occurred every day, back-office support systems would just go down and it was beyond frustrating,” Ms. Jenkins continued.  “We weren’t getting the support we needed from our outsourced technology provider.”

Prior to Tier One Technology Partners stepping in and coming to the rescue,

Bay Bank had been paying premium rates for technology support and receiving inferior services.

Tier One Technology Partners Was Hired To Take Over

Technology, although complex, isn’t complicated.  Tier One Technology Partners was chosen to replace the previous IT company that wasn’t meeting the needs of this growing financial institution in Maryland.

Tier One first conducted an initial review of Bay Bank’s current technology infrastructure.  The challenge was to transition to a new technology service provider without interrupting the daily routine of the 37 staff members across the bank’s two locations in Lutherville and Salisbury, Maryland.

Many of the core infrastructure services were located in the main corporate offices.    Tier One immediately stabilized the IT environment and resolved the many network challenges that frustrated the entire staff.   They quickly cleaned up all the issues with Bay Bank’s computer network and jumped into day-to-day support.

The Bay Bank—Carrollton Bank Acquisition

In April 2013, Bay Bank acquired the Carrollton Bank, a large retail bank. Prior to the acquisition, Bay Bank was a two-location commercial bank with 15 servers and 40 end users. When the merger was concluded their environment expanded to 13 locations, 35 servers and 156 end users. Tier One’s role was to provide help-desk support to the end users, and to work with Bay Bank’s in-house IT personnel (a staff of only three) to assist them with network upgrades, and to monitor and patch the complete network.

“Tier One’s Help-Desk Service Was Exemplary.”

With the previous IT company Bay Bank wasn’t getting the care and attention required to run a successful business in an efficient manner.  Technology systems are the cornerstone of any successful organization and they require constant care and attention from a team of IT support professionals.  The Tier One Help Desk was ready to accept this responsibility.

Bay Bank experienced immediate improvement in the responses and execution of their support issues using the Tier One Help Desk.

“Tier One was just a phone call away,” said Ms. Jenkins.

Now, employees are more engaged, efficiencies have skyrocketed and everyone is focused on execution of the bank’s mission versus dealing with technology problems.

“The Tier One Help Desk provided everything we asked for, and issues are treated like they’re the most urgent thing in the world.  This is so refreshing compared to what we had prior to Tier One,” Ms. Jenkins remarked.

Tier One Ensured Bay Bank’s Data Was Safe

In addition to stabilizing their computer network, Tier One provided Bay Bank with a complete business continuity solution to ensure the protection of all their business information.

The Baltimore region has experienced numerous violent storms over the past few years.  When weather events are combined with technology breakdowns and accidental user errors, Bay Bank now has a reliable backup and recovery service.

Tier One’s Backup and Disaster Recovery service instills confidence in the staff and provides them peace of mind knowing that all their business-critical information is protected using the latest in backup and recovery technologies.

Life At Bay Bank Is Easier These Days

There are many IT firms across the Baltimore and Washington, DC Metro Area.  Tier One Technology Partners focuses on making the lives of their clients easier.  Ms. Jenkins knows this.  She knows that when she calls Tier One Technology Partners, someone will immediately handle her IT issues. “Time saved on IT issues every day computes to numerous hours saved every week,” Ms. Jenkins exclaims. She and the other employees at Bay Bank are comfortable trusting Tier One to handle all their IT needs.

David Borowy, Executive Vice President of Bay Bank acknowledges the same:

“We’ve been very pleased with every member of the Tier One team who has supported our IT efforts. I’m sure there are others working hard behind the scenes, but I must acknowledge from my personal contact and observations that Jim Kehres and Leo Rugel have been outstanding! We’ve all learned a lot and we know we can count on Tier One to assign the appropriate resources to problems that might arise in the future.”

Technology plays an important role across the Bay Bank organization, as well as for Tier One’s other clients in Maryland.  They know that they can always count on Tier One to get them back on track when needed.

For more information contact about Tier One Technology Partners contact:

 (800) 431-2282


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