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It’s finally summer: time to relax, get out the barbeque, maybe take a vacation.

Unfortunately, cyber attackers aren’t doing the same. They’re getting ready to take advantage of business owners like yourself – those who take some much needed relaxation time and let their guard down – not focusing on cyber security in the slightest.

Tier One Technology Partners doesn’t take a break when it comes to protecting your livelihood. Our cyber security experts work around the clock to keep your data safe – giving you a much needed break without the risk.

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During the summer months, cyber attacks soar – rising rapidly due to vacationers who forget to make sure their company is safe before they relax. When it comes to cyber security, there’s no taking a vacation. Why? Because cyber attackers hit businesses in Baltimore around the clock – they don’t take a break, but we don’t either.

Our cyber security experts work around the clock to keep your data safe, so you can take a break without worrying. We’ll:

  • Manage your anti-virus software and firewalls around the clock to detect and remove any type of unwanted threats that could otherwise steal data or cause system failures.
  • Install web-content filtering software that ensures all employees are unable to access dangerous, potentially malware-ridden websites that immediately install drive-by downloads onto your systems.
  • Encrypt all sensitive email messages to safeguard any sensitive information sent or received via email against unauthorized access and/or theft.
  • Back up vital data and applications in the cloud to ensure that, no matter what happens, you’re able to recover quickly and continue working without disruption.
  • Review all security measures and policies to find any vulnerabilities and weak points that are leaving you vulnerable to cyber attack or accidental data disclosure.

Go ahead, take a vacation, just don’t let attackers fall through the cracks. We’re here to help

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