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Has Your IT Provider Performed These

9 Essential Cyber-Security Assessment Steps?

If not – that’s a problem. That’s a pretty blunt statement but we believe it to be true. Ready to find out?

Do you have the time to deal with the interruptions and high costs involved with:

  • Hackers – that steal confidential information
  • Extortion – that is used by criminals behind attack tools such as ransomware
  • Viruses – that sneak into your system to control and drain valuable data from your system
  • Malware – that does damage to computers / networks and costs serious money to repair

So, here’s THE BIG QUESTION: Why are you letting just ANYONE care for the cyber security of your company? There is a BIG difference between someone who fixes computers and someone with cyber security expertise. A cyber security professional with your business’ best interest at heart will ensure that specific steps are taken to protect your business and your clients.

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Find out what those essential cyber-security steps are by CLICKING HERE to DOWNLOAD the checklist provided by the security professionals of Tier One Technology Partners.

Has the individual caring for your cyber-security posture taken these NINE important steps to provide security for your business, your employees, your customers, and your investment?

Tier One Technology Partners deals with the security necessities of businesses like yours on a daily basis and has assembled this important checklist to give you some insight into the skill-set of your current IT security solution.

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