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Are you able to say, with confidence, that your data is completely safe from internal and external threats?

Whether it is a human error, cyber attack or natural disaster, your data would absolutely, positively be immune to theft or loss? You store a lot of vital information – are you really content with settling for anything less than skilled data protection specialists working for you?

Tier One Technology Partners has a team of skilled data protection specialists who know what they are doing when it comes to safeguarding your most valuable asset.

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Our skilled data protection specialists know that many companies are leaving data security in the hands of someone who cannot truly keep their data safe. Whether they were advised to use an online file storage service or they are using a backup solution that isn’t monitored and tested, they have no idea how unsecure their data truly is.

When you trust Tier One Technology Partners to safeguard your confidential information, you are able to rest assured knowing you are working with data protection specialists – we have the expertise for today and tomorrow. We:

  • Understand industry-specific regulations relating to data confidentiality and storage – and we are keeping you compliant with those regulations at all times.

  • Leverage a multitude of solutions such as anti-virus protection, data backup, encryption, two-factor authentication, and more – creating a multi-layered approach that keeps threats at bay.

  • Stay up-to-date on evolving threats including types of malware, ransomware, and other viruses that are currently making rounds so we can keep your data safe against the latest threats.

  • Educate your employees on best practices for complete data security, so you know your staff members are completely aware of the risks and proper ways to access/store data to avoid those risks.

Working with a team of data protection specialists is your best bet to avoid non-compliance fines, lawsuits, and serious downtime resulting from data loss/theft.

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