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Get the IT leadership and services you need to take your Frederick business to the next level.

It doesn’t have to be impossible to account for everything – we know that with cybercrime on the rise, you’re facing a growing amount of concerns. You need the right IT services to streamline work while also ensuring your sensitive data is always safe. No matter what industry you’re in, Tier One Technology Partners provides for your needs.

Our strategic planning and guidance helps ensure you’re meeting and exceeding all of your business objectives, keeping clients happy and improving your quality of work.

Contact Tier One Technology Partners at or (443) 589--1150.

With the right services and support, you’ll see benefits throughout your entire business.

  • The cloud is todays most effective and innovative business tool; not only does it give you mobility and improve collaboration between your employees, but it keeps your data safer than ever giving you peace of mind that your sensitive documents are secured.
  • Business continuity planning is crucial; hardware issues, data breaches and even human error often lead to downtime that cripples a business. We ensure you know how to react to a disaster, and we put checks in place to guarantee you’re able to function no matter what. No downtime, no lost wages.
  • Proactive care and solutions like Help Desk Services keep you ahead of the game; issues are dealt with as soon as they arise to minimize any disruption to your workflow.
  • Office 365 gives you power and mobility, allowing you to access files, applications, contacts and so much more from one easy-to-navigate space. You’ll improve collaboration between employees and strengthen your overall output.

Let Tier One Technology Partners provide the IT leadership and services you need to thrive. We make sure you’re making strategic IT decisions that improve the quality of your future, giving you the best return on your technology investment.

Contact us at or (443) 589--1150.


You respond in a timely manner to our calls and are very professional with your service delivery.

  Ms. Judi Bullock, Business Manager   Scott, Pitrone, Sorkin & Jarvis Orthodontics

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