Criminals Have Gone Phishing

Will You Get Caught?


It looks like it’s from the government, your bank, or your favorite charity. But it’s not. It’s just bait.

Criminals worldwide have gone on a phishing expedition. Don’t get caught in their nets!

What is phishing? – It is criminals masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication with malicious intent.

  • Criminals across the world have figured out that you are – for the most part – trusting.
  • Criminals have discovered that you – like many – don’t know how to spot their attempts to steal your vital, private information.

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So what does the smart criminal do? He dresses up his scheme or scam in the guise of the institutions
that you already trust. He uses their colors, their logo, even email addresses and websites that look like legitimate ones.

Why do those in the criminal underground go to all this work? – They make MILLIONS off of unsuspecting people and businesses! Every day, thousands of people across North America give out their…

  • Social Security
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Passwords
  • Credit Card Info

…in response to seemingly legitimate requests that are, in fact, backed by criminals.

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So what’s the answer? What can the average business owner do to keep themselves, their families, and their finances safe when criminals are employing such deceitful methods? Partner with Tier One Technology Partners for your cyber security! We know how to keep you, your family, and your business educated & safe!

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