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Do You Have the Right Tools in Place to Work Effectively in the Office or on the Field?

A lot of construction workers are all too familiar with the good old days – the days where you went into the office to get your tasks for the day, then you were off to work – totally disconnected from the office afterward. But that’s simply not how leading construction companies operate anymore. Why? Because the industry has become more fast-paced and competitive than ever before.

Throughout the industry, productivity has declined .32% per year over the past 3 decades. What’s to blame for this staggering statistic? Many construction companies have continued to rely on paper as their main method of record keeping, which means collaboration outside of the office isn’t as seamless as it needs to be.

Leading construction companies, on the other hand, know they need the integrated, proactive support from an IT company that allows them to work easily on the field and in the office. They’ve embraced the future of working effectively no matter what they’re located, and that future involves:

  • Maintaining proper systems to prioritize what makes it through to smartphones and tablets.
  • Setting up auto-responders for email so incoming customer communication is acknowledged immediately.
  • Centralizing all contacts so they’re available on any device inside the office or on the field.
  • Digitizing to-do lists and setting up reminders so projects remain on track and within budget at all times.
  • And much, much more to keep workers in touch with everything that’s going on within the office when they’re on the field.

As the construction industry evolves, it’s simply not feasible for workers to go out into the field with no method of communicating and collaborating with those back in the office. It all comes down to proper IT management, which is more than simply taking care of hardware and software. It’s helping you manage your distractions, as well as the challenges associated with working in the office and in the field.

From using your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) on the field to mapping and surveying the job site with drones, the construction industry is truly exploding into a world of possibilities due to information technology. It’s time to take advantage of what’s available to make sure you don’t lose your competitive edge.

Tier One Technology Partners can help you ensure you have the right tools to work effectively in the office or on the field. We know technology is no longer a necessary evil but a business enabler to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and gain an advantage over competitors. Contact Tier One Technology Partners at (443) 589--1150 or email us at to find out more about maximizing the potential of your technology in the construction industry.

This article was contributed by David Shaffer, CEO at Tier One Technology Partners. David has extensive experience working with businesses who want to leverage technology for better business outcomes. David can be reached at (443) 589--1150 or


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