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Get More for Your Money in 2016 with the Section 179 Deduction!

Leverage the tax law to benefit your business.

Does your business need a little help? Want the Federal Government to give you a break? They have!

It’s called Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code. This rule was put in place to stimulate the economy by allowing businesses to accelerate the tax depreciation of large capital expenditures on things like:

  • Buildings
  • Computer Equipment
  • Manufacturing Process Technology and Equipment
  • Company Vehicles

Use Section 179 to depreciate and deduct entire cost of your purchase (up to $500,000 in 2016) in year one instead of depreciating it over its useful lifespan. This year one tax deduction can effectively lower the cost of the purchase by up to 1/3! That’s huge savings!

Is your company in need of equipment, but low on capital to invest in that equipment?

Tier One Technology Partners serves the business technology needs of businesses like yours! We can help you leverage Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code to purchase equipment and save significant money on the purchase in the first tax year.

We’re not accountants, but we know a great deal when we see it! We can help you secure equipment and services through Section 179, and if you need professional tax advice, we would be glad to introduce you to the good people of MKS&H.

Ready to take advantage of Section 179? Reach out to us at info@tieroneit.com or (443) 589--1150 to learn more.

Please keep in mind that although we are a team of trusted IT professionals, we are not tax professionals. While we can offer you our advice, you should direct any questions about the finer points of Section 179 to your CPA or tax attorney. Additionally, as Tier One is a division of MKS&H which happens to be an accounting firm, we would easily and gladly redirect questions to our more appropriately qualified associates on your behalf.